Deliver better video experiences with real-time AI upscaling

Vectorly's AI enhancer upscales your app's video content on users' devices as they watch it, letting them stream low resolution video and watch it in high definition.

Vectorly's AI upscaler filter can de-noise and upscale images and video directly in the browser

Real time video enhancement

We use AI to upscale video to HD as you watch it, right in the browser. It's like free HD for everyone.

Always HD

Use real-time upscaling as an "HD Fallback", to ensure your users get an HD viewing experience no matter their connection speed.

Enable Upscaling on the fly, when speeds are slow
Get HD quality even when no HD source exists
Deliver HD experiences even on 3G connections
Vectorly's AI Upscaling filters let you stream low resolution video to users and let them watch it in HD

Cut down on costs

Vectorly lets you stream low resolution video to users and still deliver an HD viewing experience, cutting cloud storage and delivery costs by 50% to 90%

Deliver HD video using 50% to 90% less bandwidth
Cut storage and delivery costs without the upfront costs of transcoding

How it Works

Just add our Javascript libraries / Mobile SDKs into your app and videos will automatically be upscaled. It requires 3 lines of code and integrates easily into HTML5 and native video players

Fully client-side implementation
Works with any codec, live or VoD, HLS/DASH/WebRTC
User's don't need to do anything
Just add Vectorly's SDK or library to your mobile app, and your videos will be upscaled automatically

Use cases

Vectorly's AI video filters can be used to improve viewer experiences for OTT video platforms

Video on Demand

Improve viewing experience for users on slow connections
Reduce cloud storage and delivery costs by 50-90%
No upfront transcoding cost
Vectorly's AI video filters can improve the quality and reliability of video conferencing calls

Video Conferencing

Make video calls clearer and more reliable
Make screen-share content sharper and easier to read
Vectorly's AI video filters can fix stability issues and improve the reliability of live video streams

Live Streaming

Use AI to fix stream quality when network issues come up
Improve viewing experience for users on slow connections
Provide more stable and reliable live streaming productions.

Looking to upscale video files?

Our AI filters upscale the video as you watch it, without changing the files. If you want to upscale video files and export the upscaled video, click below

Upscale video files

Ready to try it out?

Our AI Upscaler technology is still in beta, but you can get started for free with our HTML5 Upscaler.